Varsipuu ry in brief

Varsipuu ry – an Association of South-West Finland’s Woodworking Industry – was founded in 1998.  The task of the association is to promote the industry and use of wood in general through woodconstruction and and the business environment of the member companies by information, training and looking for new contacts.

Varsipuu ry has 100 members which consist of representatives of companies including all kind of wood processing, e.g. sawmills, joineries and carpentries, log house factories, furniture and furnishing factories, building products and component factories, planning etc.

Most of the members are located in SW-Finlands region which includes 10 cities and 40 municipalities. There are also four export and import harbours in the area with good transport routes to all directions.

Varsipuu ry is fulfilling the task by activating and coordinating development projects at regional, national and international levels. The Association  maintains also a comprehensive database of the woodworking and construction companies in the region with more than one thousand updated contacts.

The most significant initiatives the association has involved in are three modern wooden township projects going on in the region.

If you want to make contacts in the woodworking industry in SW-Finland don’t hesitate to contact Varsipuu ry or our member companies. The list of our members, their products and contacts are on our web sites. At the moment the list of the member companies is only in Finnish.