Sata metriä korkea tuulivoimala – luonnollisesti puusta rakennettu

Timber towers for multi-megawatt wind energy plants – efficiency through ecology.

We specialise in the development, assembly and sale of timber towers and foundations for wind energy plants. We are the first company in the world to use the high-tech material wood to construct towers – an efficient and ecological masterstroke and groundbreaking concept.

This way, we are able to meet the current demands regarding efficiency and ecological rationality in the renewable energy industry. Our TimberTower is the perfect response to climate protection questions both now and in the future. Its benefits: consistent sustainability and avoidance of CO2 emissions, cost saving, and can be transported to anywhere in the world due to its unique method of construction.

Jos saamme kerättyä tarpeeksi osallistujia ensi kevään Hannoverin Ligna messumatkaan, tämä puurakentamisen taidonnäyte olisi oivallinen vierailukohde messujen ohessa.

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