Jenkeissäkin on todettu puu ”vihreäksi” rakennusmateriaaliksi

USA:n Maatalousministeriö on vahvistanut puun olevan ”vihreä” rakennusmateriaali:

It’s Official: Wood is a Green Building Material  >>>

The U.S. Department of Agriculture has endorsed the use of wood, labeling it a ‘green’ building material
Posted on Apr 20 by Richard Defendorf

About this time last year, President Obama introduced America’s Great Outdoors, a conservation initiative aimed at restoring the country’s forests, protecting watersheds and natural recreation areas, and protecting conservation-program jobs. In February 2011, in a follow-up to the president’s announcement, the top people at the Interior and Agriculture departments, and at the Environmental Protection Agency and the Council on Environmental Quality, all signed off on a report, “America’s Great Outdoors: A Promise to Future Generations”  that identifies strategies that can be used to strengthen the program.

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